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Image Series Name Parts Number Size(mm3) Spec-sheet
UV Light Emitter GUVA-Light1.0 105 x 80 x 30mm
GUVC-Light1.0 116 x 89 x 42mm
GUVA&C-Light1.1 116 x 89 x 42mm
- Used UVA & UVC SMD Type LED
- Used High Power LEDs(UVA(365nm): 1W~2W, UVC(275nm): 0.28W)
- Be easy to carry around in small size
- Rechargeable without battery replacement
- Counterfeit money sensitive machine, Portable false identification machine
- Fluorescence brightening agent Detection, Contamination Detected
Model Name UVA single light source emitter (GUVA-Light1.0)
UVC single light source emitter (GUVC-Light1.0)
UVA & UVC Integrated Light source emitter (GUVA&C-Light1.1).
Operating Voltage GUVA-Light1.0 : 5V, GUVC-Light1.0 & GUVA&C-Light1.1: 16.8V
UV LED Wavelength UVA LED : 365nm, UVA LED : 275nm
Internal Charging Battery GUVA-Light 1.0: 3.7V, 3500mAh
(Maximum Charging Voltage: 4.2V)
GUVC-Light1.0 & GUVA&C-Light 1.1: 16.8V, 3500mAh
(Maximum Charging Voltage 16.8V)
Operating Temperature UVA(-10~85℃; 14~185℉), UVC(-30~60 ℃; -22~140℉)
Storage Temperature -40~100 ℃(-40~212℉)
(Width * Length * Height)
GUVA-Light1.0 : 105mm * 80mm *30mm
GUVC-Light1.0 & GUVA&C-Light1.1 : 116mm * 89mm * 42mm
Weight GUVA-Light1.0 : 300g
GUVC-Light1.0 & GUVA&C-Light1.1 : 490g